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let us manage it all

We manage leads in your CRM, update the status, create appointments, and leave excellent story notes every time we make contact. We even use your CRM reports. 


24/7 Concierge Support

Our agents fill in the times when you aren’t available for customer interactions at any time of day with robust transparent reporting.


Sales & Service Campaigns

Whether we deploy your campaign or one of our popular customer campaigns, our team manages it all.


Transparent Reporting

Our top-of-the-line BDC software provides detailed insight into every call, appointment setting, and customer success measures for every campaign.

high-converting prospects right to your CRM

We manage leads inside your CRM

Below are some of the CRM platforms that our Concierges support. Don't see your CRM platform listed here? Contact us to learn more!

Some of the most productive BDC Concierges in the industry

Manual Campaign Tracking is Out! 

Using the most advanced BDC software in the automotive industry, Volie, our concierges make more calls, set more appointments, and offer profitably managed outsource capabilities that drive results. PERIOD.

Why Outsource Your BDC?

More Productive Agents
Up To 0 Times

*Statement reported by Volie.com

Speed, convenience, helpful agents, and friendly service. Those who prioritize technologies that seamlessly support these benefits over adopting technology just to be cutting edge. That's where we come in!

  • Outbound Sales Campaigns Included

    Outbound sales, lease portfolio database, showroom follow-up and Service/Showroom CSI surveys

  • Outbound Service Included

    Outbound service reminders, overdue, recalls, declined

  • After Hours Support Included

    After-hours Internet leads, service calls, and sales calls

  • 24/7 Sales Internet Leads Included

    24/7 handling on incoming internet sales leads and CRM lead management

  • 24/7 Inbound Service Included

    24/7 handling and scheduling of inbound service appointments

  • 24/7 Sales Phone-Ups Included
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support Included

Success by the numbers

Look at these results from our client’s Concierge360 Equity Event 

Enrolled Customers

We use innovative BDC software to manage campaigns, data, and calls

We deliver transparency of:

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