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For your online shoppers

Customers will always choose what is convenient for them.

As an extension of your team, our internet concierges serve your customers with an excellent experience and a high conversion rate of appointments that show.


Internet Leads & Phone-Ups

Total Internet lead and phone up management! Our experts manage the experience for your Internet leads and Phone-Ups 24/7.


Designated Team

We offer a dedicated BDC manager and a team of concierges assigned to each account. We strive to be an extension of your team and maintain open communication at all times.


Outbound Campaigns

All of your true incremental revenue streams are covered. Lease portfolio, equity, upgrades, vehicle acquisition, surveys, follow-up calls, and conquest campaigns performed within your budget.

Our Unique Process

Check out our unique roadmap to convert your online leads

The following process outlines our process to convert an online lead for our clients, and our concierges’ training and experience make the magic happen.

Once contact is made with the customer, this process stops once contact is made. If no contact is made in the first ten days, our agents go into Stage Two of the process with a long-term follow-up, which repeats with communications and follow-ups through day 75.

Trigger: New Lead Arrives

We Assign Lead to
Stage One BD Agent.
Direction Arrows


Call, Text, Email, Video,
SALESiQ Magic Link
Direction Arrows

Call #2

2nd Call for BD Agent
Direction Arrows
4 Hours Later

Call #3

3rd Call for BD Agent.
Text & Send auto-email: #2
Direction Arrows
Day 2


Day 10 + based on CRM actions of the previous attempts.
Day 10+

Call #6

6th call for BD Agent.
Text & Send auto-email #5
Direction Arrows
Day 10

Call #5

5th Call for BD Agent
Send auto-email: #4
Direction Arrows
Day 5

Call #4

4th Call for BD Agent.
Send auto-email: #3
Direction Arrows
Day 3

high-converting prospects right to your CRM

We manage leads inside your CRM

Below are some of the CRM platforms that our Concierges support. Don't see your CRM platform listed here? Contact us to learn more!

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