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Is your BDC Manager a coach or a cop?

Your BDC Agents work in an environment that is vastly different from the sales floor. Sales reps are hard-wired to work a deal from the cradle to the grave, and everything they say is leading the customer towards a signature on a dotted line.

BDC Agents may have the same end goal, but once the customer is in the showroom, their job is done. Persuading a customer by providing information is a delicate task, and an agent’s environment and management can determine their success.  

In any employee-manager scenario, there is a fine line management must walk, between being a coach and being a cop. Mastery of this balancing act will create seasoned managers who lead, high morale, and a tight-knit work culture.

Your BDC manager should be 95% coach and 5% cop

Although discipline is necessary, it doesn’t have to be harsh. Many leaders will approach disciplinary matters like a cop, ready to write a ticket or punish employees for poor performance. Cops show up after the “crime,” doling out punishment. While fear of punishment is an effective motivator for short term performance, agent turnover tends to be astronomically high when fear is the motivator rather coaching.  

Agents need consistent coaching and constructive feedback. Think of a coach, constantly motivating their players to improve as a team. From the very first practice, a coach will identify opportunities for improvement in the players and teach them the practical skills and provide the coaching to master those skills. 

Here are three key drivers of a coaching culture in your BDC

Set daily goals for your agents and remember to make them realistic and achievable. Short term goals help track progress and keep agents motivated. Keep track of agent’s personal best and challenge them to better themselves daily. We have a saying, “every day do your best to achieve your personal best”. 

The more your employees feel appreciated and recognized, the better they will perform. “What gets rewarded gets repeated.” Learning to keep employees motivated and engaged is a crucial factor in the success of your BDC. Recognize agents immediately when they meet goals or surpass their personal best. As soon as you realize one of your agents has reached their goals or went above and beyond for a customer, shout them out publicly! Recognition means more in the moment, as opposed to a regular weekly employee spotlight. Coaching doesn’t end when practice is over. Coaching during the game is just as important as in training. Real time feedback, coaching and discipline creates change in the moment and leads to better performance. 


As for discipline, when a player isn’t doing what was taught in practice they are taken out of the game. A good BDC Manager will take an agent off the phone if the process isn’t being followed. Redirect that employee to the proper behavior or technique then put them back on the phone. Monitor behavior/technique immediately and give as much positive feedback as possible and keep redirecting unwanted behavior. The coaching culture is simplistic. Set a goal, applaud activity that helps reach the goal, identify and redirect behavior that does not. 



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