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Phone Etiquette Creates Lasting Impressions

First impressions are everything. From the moment a customer reaches out to a dealership, their experience sets the tone for the entire interaction. Phone etiquette is an impactful aspect of customer service. A warm greeting, attentive listening, and personalized interaction can make all the difference in a customer’s experience.

The Importance of Friendly Service

Friendly service is more than just a nicety – it’s the foundation of a strong customer-dealership relationship. When customers feel welcomed and valued, they are more likely to engage with the dealership and trust its recommendations. Telephone interactions provide a prime opportunity to convey warmth and sincerity, even without face-to-face interaction. 

The Value of Great Telephone Etiquette

Great telephone etiquette is not merely a matter of following a script – it’s about embodying good manners and genuine concern for the customer’s needs. A friendly and professional tone, coupled with active listening and prompt responses, can leave a lasting impression on the customer. By focusing on creating a positive experience over the phone, you can build rapport and trust with their customers.

The Principles of Telephone Etiquette

Telephone etiquette is a matter of good manners. Most of what is required you learned in kindergarten. Be polite, say yes sir and yes ma’am, say please, thank you and you are welcome.

Be Prepared

•Before dialing or answering a call, take a second to prepare yourself mentally and physically. It just takes a moment to prepare mentally, accessing that amazing brain you have and getting on the right track for the call. 

•Prepare yourself physically as well. Your body language still effects your communication even when on the phone. Smile, sit up straight and speak clearly. 

•A smile can be heard over the phone and when you have good posture your voice will have more energy.

Be professional

Speak the language of money. You are providing a premium service for a premium price. The dealership is spending money. Customers are spending money, and their time is money.

You are the expert

•Be confident.

•Be in control.

•Be helpful.

You are the brand

•Be happy to talk to your customer.

•Be cheerful.

•Be positive.

“Every customer cares only about three things. Timeliness, zero defects and caring. Do things in a timely manner, do them right, and show that you care.”

Horst Shulze – Ritz Carlton Founder

Follow The Process

Positive results, for any call, are built into the process. Follow the process, achieve the call objective. But don’t be Rosie the Robot. Follow the process – but have a conversation.

Some process actions and guidelines:

•Address your customer by name at least three times. If they give you a title, or the contact info has a title, such as Dr., address them as Doctor and use their last name.

•Ask for permission before placing someone on hold. Thank them for holding when you reconnect. Don’t leave them on hold too long if you can help it. If a hold takes longer than a minute, it is a good practice to “check in” with the caller.

•Thank them for doing things, such as giving you their email address. If they ask how your day is going, thank them for asking.

•Repeat key statements or points the customer is trying to express or accomplish to gain agreement.

•Never hang up first

Things that fall in to the category of “bad manners.”

•Do not interrupt. Let them speak their mind or fully explain what they need.

•Do not argue with your customer.

•Dead air because it is quicksand and it’s awkward.

•Don’t over complicate, keep things simple.

•Don’t be too casual or ask personal question.

Personalization through the Customer’s Name

More on this topic- a simple and effective way to personalize the customer experience by using the customer’s name during a call (or in person). Addressing customers by name demonstrates attentiveness and respect, making them feel valued as individuals rather than just another caller. This personal touch goes a long way in fostering a sense of connection and loyalty to your dealership.

“People will soon forget what you said. They will never forget how you made them feel.”

Dr. Maya Angelou

When Customers Feel Great, They Assume Greatness in Everything

It’s often said that perception is reality, and this holds true in customer service. When customers have a positive experience with a dealership – whether through friendly phone interactions, efficient service, or knowledgeable assistance – they tend to assume greatness in all aspects of the dealership. This means that a stellar telephone experience can influence the customer’s perception of the dealership as a whole, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Great telephone etiquette is not just a matter of good manners – it’s a strategic tool for creating memorable experiences and nurture customer loyalty. By emphasizing friendly service, personalization, and professionalism over the phone, your team can leave a lasting impression on their customers and differentiate themselves in a crowded market. 



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